Registry Recycler News

Registry Recycler is an all-in-one performance management application. As perceived from its name, it recycles the resources, to sustain an error-free and prompt work environment of your PC. It takes a few minutes in conducting performance checks, prescribing, and implementing the relevant therapy. An updated version is more strengthened and empowered, with a better visualization, and stronger grip. It has now been in your free service for years.


Registry Recycler - 12th August, 2016

  • Added Windows 10 Anniversary Update compatibility
  • Removed optional Registration
  • Fixed bug Registry Defrag not working on Windows 10 for some users
  • Improved Application Paths scan
  • Updated White List

Registry Recycler - 7th August, 2015

  • Added Windows 10 compatibility
  • Optimized Empty Registry Keys scan
  • Optimized File/Path References scan
  • Minor GUI enhancements
  • Updated White List

Registry Recycler - 6th November, 2014

  • Fixed Program Shortcuts crash for some users
  • Minor GUI updates
  • Updated White List

Registry Recycler - 17th January, 2014

  • Fixed File Associations crash for some users
  • Fixed - Some Startup entries not disabling
  • Minor GUI changes

Registry Recycler - 1st November, 2013

  • Extended Uninstall Entries category scanning
  • Added auto Shutdown and Restart settings
  • Updated White List
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Resolved ownership issue when scanning some registry keys
  • Added Windows 8.1 compatibility

Registry Recycler - 30th September, 2013

  • Fixed bug not removing certain registry entries for some users
  • Minor GUI changes
  • Updated White List

Registry Recycler - 6th August, 2013

  • Now 2x faster and stronger Scanner making it more quick and stable at detecting registry errors
  • Employing files only from the removable media making it a fully portable registry cleaner
  • Advanced safety features for detecting invalid registry file path references and invalid shortcuts
  • Lists more Startup items for 64-bit Windows users now
  • Creates separate Registry Backup for each user
  • Fixed reported errors and crashes for certain users
  • Other minor GUI improvements and bug fixes
  • Added supplementary new Registration feature for license consummation