Fix Internet Explorer (IE) 11 Crashes on Windows 8.1

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With the latest release – Windows 8.1, one of the most anticipated and highly talked-about inclusions was that of Internet Explorer 11. The newest IE version promised to bring along some remarkable features and astounding experiences into the browsing world, including touch computing, quicker navigations, and Reading View to obliterate vague viewing and to further nurture your netsurfing experience. While Microsoft did succeed in pulling these embellishments off, unfortunately, it also managed to bring along a few quirks into the system. One such issue rapidly spreading across Microsoft’s support forums is the frequent breakdowns of Internet Explorer 11. Read through the solutions to fix the problem, if your IE 11 crashes frequently.

Solution 1: Enable Software Rendering Mode

Software rendering is a mode that does not use the system’s graphics card in order to process and hurry up visually intensive programs, such as advanced gaming, video streaming, etc. In contrast, hardware acceleration uses the system’s GPU in order run such applications. To check whether your Internet Explorer 11 is breaking down due to an out-dated or unsupported graphics card driver, enable software rendering mode and allow it to bypass the card.


These steps highlight the mentioned procedure:

  • Open Internet Explorer 11 and enter the Internet Options box from the Tools (Alt + X) menu
  • Go to the Advanced tab
  • In the Settings, check Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering under Accelerated graphics
  • Confirm your decision by clicking OK and Restart your computer to bring changes into effect.
  • Notice for any browser accidents

FIX Internet Explorer Crashes

If the browser stays fine, it means you are running Internet Explorer 11 on an out-dated or unsupported graphics driver, which needs to be resolved. In order to make GPU rendering work and speed up your web page rendering, install the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Solution 2: Disable Add-ons for your Browser

Buggy add-ons are a common cause for browser blows. Not only can they increase the browser’s startup and load time, they can also interfere with the application’s working and conflict its operations. To check whether these extensions are a cause for your Internet Explorer crashes, launch the browser without any add-on/toolbar and notice for any mishaps. If the program works fine, you can accuse these add-ons as the culprits.

Perform following steps to launch IE 11 without add-ons:

  • Open the Run box (Windows + R) and type iexplore.exe -extoff. Hit Enter to launch your Internet Explorer 11 without add-ons
  • Notice for any sudden shutdowns. If your browser closes even without the add-ons, then proceed to Solution 3

Run Internet Explorer 11 Crashes Issues

  • If the program starts normally without reporting any issues, continue with the steps below to identify the particular add-on or toolbar causing the problem
  • Open the Tools menu (Alt + X) and click Manage add-ons
  • Disable each add-on at a time, under the Toolbars and Extensions category and re-launch IE to see if the problem persists
  • Once identified, either uninstall that problematic add-on or keep it disabled to prevent any further crashes

How do i Disable Add-ons on Internet Explorer 11

Solution 3: Fall Back to Default Settings

Tampering with the browser’s settings can make it go unstable and more vulnerable to errors. This can be fixed by reverting to the default settings and bringing the browser back to its original state using the indigenous Reset Internet Explorer Settings (RIES) tool. Do the following steps to return your browser to default settings:

  • Open your Internet Explorer 11 and navigate to the Tools menu situated at the top-right corner of screen
  • Click Internet Options to open the Internet Options box
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab and click Reset to open the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box
  • Click Reset and wait for the system to apply the default settings
  • Close the dialog box and Restart your browser to apply the changes

Resetting the IE 11 to Default Settings

Start cruising through sites and stream online to monitor if the issue is resolved. If it does not, proceed further through this piece.

Solution 4: Check for the Latest Updates

Most browser errors are likely to be fixed by simply keeping your system updated with latest advancements. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you regularly check for the latest drivers and Windows updates to keep your system “well-informed” and “be-prepared” for performing its tasks.

To check and install the latest updates, run Windows Update as demonstrated below:

  • Open charms bar by pressing Windows + C and click Settings
  • In the Settings click on Change PC settings to access Windows Update and recovery screen
  • On the Windows Update screen, click on Check now to look for available updates

Solution 5: Reinstall Internet Explorer 11

Finally, if all else fails, reinstall your Internet Explorer 11 and start it from a new instance. This will guarantee a cure to your crashing, as well as other browser problems.

  • Press Windows + S to bring up the Search box
  • Type Windows features and hit click Turn Windows features on or off in the search results
  • Click to clear the check box next to Internet Explorer 11
  • Click OK to exit and uninstall the utility
  • Restart the computer to complete the uninstall process and remove IE 11

Install or Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1

  • Go back to the Turn Windows features on or off windows, in the same ways as described above
  • This time, check the box next to Internet Explorer 11 and click OK button
  • Windows will reinstall the program back

With all these troubleshooting tips, the concerned application will be able to depict an enhanced performance. Always allow such applications to download latest updates.