May 2013

A Simple Guide to Make PC Faster

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It is definite that the performance of your PC and swiftness of its operations majorly depend upon hardware technology incorporated. The more advanced hardware devices, higher will be their level of functionality. Apart from this fact, the usefulness of operating system’s maintenance cannot be questioned. This is the reason, why Microsoft offers a number of Continue reading →

Windows 8 vs Windows 7 – Key Differences

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Big giant Microsoft has not decided to put off hardhat. Convincingly, new Windows 8 has an upgraded platform with an addition of the features that were not incorporated in Windows 7. Without knowing these navel features, you would not be able to enjoy and optimize Windows 8. Windows 7 has been considered the best operating Continue reading →

How to Optimize a Slow Running Windows 7 PC

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Although there are later versions available, Windows 7 however has the largest market share of all. This version of Windows was a major triumph of Microsoft Corporation, and still fetching a great amount of revenues. No matter how efficient and adored an operating system might be, it usually in-takes certain issues that affect its performance. Continue reading →