August 2013

Resolution to 7 Common Windows Annoyances

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Microsoft in its every subsequent version of Windows introduces some new and compelling features, which are subject to affirmations and denials from different users and experts. Once included, these features cannot be drawn out. However, users have full authority to keep the required and discard the inessential. In persistence and relevance to the Common PC Problems, Continue reading →

Top Six Tips to Fix Your Common PC Problems

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Computer is one of the finest companions of a man. However, sometimes, overseeing the airs of your workstation is quite a difficult job. If a regular and proper maintenance plan is not set, your PC is likely to comprehend different problematic issues. Although we cannot illuminate every matter involved, in this context, we would definitely Continue reading →

Patch up against Windows 8 Startup Crashes

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Windows 8, as a latest creation of Microsoft Corporation, has a long way to go. Many still consider it to be in the experimental phase, while others have been exploring it deep. In the meanwhile, certain mishaps and breakdowns may occur. Most of the time, it is quite hard to identify what the real reason Continue reading →

Windows 8 (8.1) – How to Create a Recovery Disc/Drive/ Partition

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Recovery Drive, as described by the name, allows us to recover a fading operating system. The tool was introduced in Windows 8 and enhanced in Windows 8.1. An unbootable corrupted Windows 8 or 8.1 cannot be repaired without a recovery drive, containing useful troubleshooting tools. With the startup problems, this drive becomes an essential. You Continue reading →

Registry Recycler Released – Features Revamped

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Here is a latest advancement proving the dedication of Registry Recycler, with its promise to optimize your system’s performance. Developer Tribe has reemerged with slight makeovers and innovative developments in the up to date version of Registry Recycler. Registry Recycler has been materialized with enhanced scanning capacity, stronger and faster error detection, and full Continue reading →

Unlock the Hidden Features of Windows 8

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It has now been quite a while, since Windows 8 introduced and captured a significant level of market; still it has never been out of discussions. With a gradual study and research on this operating system, users have been coming across to exciting new stuff and tweaks to tailor Windows 8. Not only this, Microsoft Continue reading →