Top Most Useful Windows 8.1 Registry Tweaks

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Those who have already upgraded their machines to Windows 8.1 from either Windows 8 or other previous versions, they would still be trying to settle down with it. Although, Microsoft has duly addressed the user response on Windows 8, yet these users are concerned on adaptability. Anyhow, the developer cannot undertake the requirements of each Continue reading →

Unlock the Hidden Features of Windows 8

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It has now been quite a while, since Windows 8 introduced and captured a significant level of market; still it has never been out of discussions. With a gradual study and research on this operating system, users have been coming across to exciting new stuff and tweaks to tailor Windows 8. Not only this, Microsoft Continue reading →

Speed Up Your Windows PC through Registry

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Upgrading your computer with advanced hardware and latest drivers, definitely, increases the operational speed of your Windows. But, what if you do not intend to load up your PC with extra copper and silicon? You would certainly need some tips, tricks, and tweaks to optimize your existing resources and extract maximum utility. Later in this Continue reading →

How to Open and Work with Windows Registry Editor

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Windows Registry is the core of Windows operating system. It is a database containing specified configuration settings to processes, services, applications, and Windows components. The behavior of all these elements can be modified through editing their concerned registry entries. As opening and editing Windows Registry is a sensitive thing to do, it is always recommended Continue reading →

Tailor Your Own Windows 8 Start Screen

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In the first expression, modern Start screen appears to be a sophisticated user interface with less complications and more effectiveness. However, for many people, this is not the case. They consider it more of a Stop screen, rather than Start screen. Such population is informed that the Start screen still has the room to integrate Continue reading →

Tweak Windows 8 Registry to Personalize Lock Screen

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The all-new Lock Screen is the first impression of Windows 8 on a user. It is an innovative feature that distinguishes this OS from its previous versions, and is of great utility. However, you can keep it as default; or make it more interesting with a few customized modifications. You do not have to tumble Continue reading →

Enhance Windows Memory Management Through Registry

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People are always in pursuit of magical spells to improve the performance of their systems. On a single search, you can get thousands of answers to enhance your PC’s performance. No doubt, these answers may influence your concerns, to some extent. This article refers to the Memory Management features of Servers, as well as, household Continue reading →