June 2013

How to Speed Up Your Internet in Windows 10 and 8 (8.1)

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The new millennium has brought us much advancement in certain fields of existence. Rapidly increasing internet speed is one of the major reforms fetched in the technological aspect. Every new version of our operating systems and web browsers bless us with an enhanced way of being connected to the world. Relocation to the Local and Continue reading →

Windows 8 Freezes – What to Do?

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Your PC is one of your amigos that you can share everything with, and therefore, you never expect it to let you down. Despite this fact, if your computer encompassing Windows 8 is hanging, crashing, or freezing constantly, it must be a big disappointment for you. A personal computer is meant to serve its master Continue reading →

How to Optimize Solid State Drive (SSD) on A Windows PC

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Solid State Drives are gradually acquiring attention of those who need to be upgraded. With its aggressive speed capabilities, it is now a way to get rid of low-paced technology. SSD, along with some additional optimization tweaks can even exceed the expectations. Discussed, hereafter are some of those tips to get started with: Deactivate Indexing Continue reading →

Customize Windows 8 to Your Preferences

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The nature of a Windows operator is similar to any other individual in the world. They need more food than they could even digest. That is why the reviewers frequently come up with some new stuff to incorporate in your Windows 8 package. Following are some of the features of the Windows 8, which could Continue reading →