March 2013

Windows 8 (8.1) – Refresh your PC without Affecting Files

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Diminishing performance of a computer is a shared matter of concern. Besides having highly advanced equipment and up to the date operating system, reducing speed of PC over the time is not an odd. In the worst scenario, most of the users tend for a Refresh. Microsoft released Windows 8 with an added provision to Continue reading →

Understanding Overclocking Riot and Solution

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Although overclocking is not going to land you in paradise of gaming but it definitely will, let your soul fill with games. Some geeks have made it complicated and as a result, most of gaming folks give up. Debate on overclocking has resulted in many myths amongst users, which is why it has become an Continue reading →

How to Overclock CPU

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Although, overclocking CPU is not superfluous and does not need you to dip your fingers in mud. First thing first, overclocking may cause damages to your hardware or invalidate warranty. Whaoo! Relax! On the contrary, side, it sounds interesting that your PC will run faster and you can have all the gaming fun with your Continue reading →

How to Overclock GPU

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Well, interesting part of overclocking for a gamer must be boost up their graphic cards to get a superb game realm. Modern graphic cards are quite easier to overclock even sometimes you just need to move some bars in configuration utility. It will give you better gaming experience on your current PC. All it needs, Continue reading →

No more System Failure, Recover Laptop at Your Own

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Sometimes, things go out of our control, even our PC freaks out. When your laptop Windows stop at login, don’t boot at all or you see Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), there is nothing to get it on your nerves, you can learn it to fix in a simple way to clear the route. Modern Continue reading →

How Registry Works – Way to Clean Up Its Junk

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A caught up PC after a certain while of fresh install is a concern of almost every computer user. This annoys you, aggravates you, and makes you look for a new and more advanced machine. At the end of day, these consequences repeat over the time and the worries return. It might not be possible Continue reading →