How to Make a Slow USB Flash Drive Faster

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Have you ever tried copying files from your PC to USB, or vice versa? Well, of course you have. Have you ever experienced annoyingly slow data transfer rates? Admit it, you have. Have you ever done anything about it? NO, you have not! Read this article and observe the experience. Living in an era where Continue reading →

Fix Windows Search Service Failed to Start In Windows 10/8/7

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Windows Search Service is a potent tool incorporated into the Search application to help organize the extracted features of a collection of documents, and simply deliver search results in a more presentable way. When processing files, this service, known as WSS, works by analyzing a set of documents, extracting useful information, and finally organizing the Continue reading →

Fix – Windows 10/8/7 Won’t Sleep

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When your Windows 10/8(8.1)/7 embraces a state of insomnia, you can bet things are not looking good for your system. No matter what you do, how hard you try; your computer behaves worse than a 5 year old and simply refuses to take a nap. In this article, you will be shown how to put your Continue reading →

How to Speed Up Your Internet in Windows 7

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Talking about the biggest revolutions the IT world has ever witnessed, the emergence of internet can never be missed out. Simply put, internet has completely changed the way we think, move, and progress in the world. However, to make full use of this amazing technology and achieve the maximum, it is important that users enhance Continue reading →

Hard Drive Optimization Tips and Tricks

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Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is the vital storage component of your computer. Although, the use of Solid State drives is considerably emerging with the advancing technology, yet the Hard Disk drives hold their significance. A healthy and well-managed hard drive ensures an enhanced system performance and adaptable storage capacity. Highlighted in this text, you will Continue reading →

How to Fix Random File Explorer (explorer.exe) Crashes in Windows 7

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Besides the availability of later versions, Windows 7 is still the most practiced operating system from Microsoft. Due to its easy and convenient features, it has been able to sustain its share of market that is largest of all operating systems. Yet sometimes, it is reported with certain issues that resist a user from carrying Continue reading →

Fix – Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Restarts Randomly

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Imagine yourself, intensively involved in whatever you are doing on your computer, and the system goes down to restart, without any prior notification. Many users are facing this annoying issue with their modern Windows OS (Windows 10/8/7). Apparently, Windows does not warn about any error and suspends the session to restart. For some users, it Continue reading →