September 2013

Repair and Restore Base Filtering Engine (BFE)

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Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) is a set of system services that enable developing firewall and other connection monitoring and packet processing software. Base Filtering Engine (BFE) is one of these services facilitating WFP. It is vital for the protection of your system against certain Viruses and Trojans, and serves many firewall products. A missing base Continue reading →

Troubleshoot Corrupt Registry Hives

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Registry is a databank contained within Windows operating system. It is a highly sensitive studio comprising complex associations. A corrupt registry can impede you from accessing your system, ending up in Startup Repair Console. Explicated in this article, you will find instructions for manually repairing corrupt registry hives. However, before moving to the troubleshoot process; Continue reading →

Fix Crashes and Freezes of Windows 7

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Your existence on this page proves your dissatisfaction with your operating system. Do not be concerned, as you will find this article helpful in troubleshooting your Windows 7. See below the key issues causing a Windows to Crash or Freeze, along with their responsive strategies. Spoiled Memory (RAM) – Windows Memory Diagnostic tool Hard Drive Continue reading →

5 Useful Windows 7 Registry Tweaks

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Windows has proved to be an operating system that does not impose its standard structures and behaviors on all of its users. It allows you to alter its tools, alerts, and appearances, according to your desirability. So, line up to accomplish the unseen services of your operating system and optimize Windows 7 to acquire best Continue reading →