Speed Up Slow Windows 10 PC after Fall Creators Update

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With a diverse set of improvements and new features, Windows 10 is a perfect mélange of performance and facade. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update endorses all the best features from all previous versions of Windows, only better and improved. Windows 10 makes for an operating system that by default comes with a sense of Continue reading →

Memory (RAM) & Hard Disk Optimization in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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The word memory when used to describe something related to PCs can refer to a diverse variety of memories generally pigeonholed as physical memory like hard disk or RAM and virtual memory like paging file. For exceptional changes in PC speeds it is always recommended to upgrade the physical memory as much as possible. Installing Continue reading →


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Novice or expert, getting a Blue Screen of Death is truly a dreadful experience for any PC user. In this case, the system performs a sudden reboot in attempt to prevent severe damages which can be caused by some grave computer error. The feeling further worsens when this starts happening in the latest Windows release Continue reading →

How to Make a Slow USB Flash Drive Faster

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Have you ever tried copying files from your PC to USB, or vice versa? Well, of course you have. Have you ever experienced annoyingly slow data transfer rates? Admit it, you have. Have you ever done anything about it? NO, you have not! Read this article and observe the experience. Living in an era where Continue reading →

How to Surf Faster Online With Google Chrome

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Nothing gives an internet user more pleasure than to launch a robust browser and load webpages in a snap. If you chat online or stream videos regularly, there is certainly no need elaborating this point any further. Acknowledging this need, Google introduced its own web browser, Google Chrome in 2008 and entered the browsing arena Continue reading →

How to Speed Up Your Internet in Windows 7

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Talking about the biggest revolutions the IT world has ever witnessed, the emergence of internet can never be missed out. Simply put, internet has completely changed the way we think, move, and progress in the world. However, to make full use of this amazing technology and achieve the maximum, it is important that users enhance Continue reading →

Windows Memory (RAM) Optimization Tips and Tricks

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When it comes to improving system’s overall performance, adding RAM is good way to advance forward, but it is not always the best. Instead, I would suggest you consider polishing your existing memory tool, and optimize it to the fullest before you go around shopping for some more. This would involve making a few adjustments Continue reading →