November 2013

Fix Windows 8.1 Black Screen Issue

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Having an upgraded computer gives a very pleasant feeling, but bumping in to a dark horror screen upon the upgrade is a shocking experience. This has been found a common issue with Windows 8.1. Reportedly, while the update process for Windows 8.1 completes, the system reboots into a blank black screen with no clue of Continue reading →

How to Fix Lagging in Windows 8.1

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Windows 8.1 was aimed to overcome the flaws of its predecessor Windows 8. Though many of the issues have been properly addressed with valuable solutions, it has also resulted some new failure events. As this new update is explored by the experts and analysts, they are finding ways to maximize the Windows 8.1 performance and Continue reading →

Top Most Useful Windows 8.1 Registry Tweaks

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Those who have already upgraded their machines to Windows 8.1 from either Windows 8 or other previous versions, they would still be trying to settle down with it. Although, Microsoft has duly addressed the user response on Windows 8, yet these users are concerned on adaptability. Anyhow, the developer cannot undertake the requirements of each Continue reading →

Fix WiFi Connectivity Issues in Windows 10 & Windows 8(8.1)

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Being connected to a network is the key essential of modern day computing. In a point of fact, wireless connectivity has its own provisions in the time, where remote devices have dominated the market. With such awareness, if you are not able to squeeze out the required function from your Wi-Fi connection, take your time Continue reading →

Registry Recycler Tutorial – Free Registry Software

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System maintenance tools have always been playing a key role in sustaining your PC’s optimum performance. Applications like antivirus and security solutions, cache cleaners, download boosters, registry cleaners, battery optimizers and others are helping users manage their computers. This article emphasizes one of listed utilities that specialize in managing Windows Registry. What is Windows Registry? Continue reading →

How to Fix RunDLL Errors in Windows Startup

Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 14 Comments

Among various other issues, RunDLL error is notably coming forward. It usually interrupts the user on system startup by prompting an annoying error message. Although the problem is clearly indicated in this specific error message, mainstream users are unable to comprehend it appropriately. Note:  Thought drafted for Windows 8.1 almost all of the practices in Continue reading →

Fix Slow Performance Issue after Installing Windows 8.1

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Windows 8 was logged as the most dissolute operating system from Redmond. However, the release of Windows 8.1 has changed this fact. Majority of users that affiliated with this update valued it as more gifted than its antecedent. However, there are instances where the update has dropped the speed feature to ground. It is to Continue reading →